Intelligent electronic cam lock M5

• Controlled Access - Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks
• Accountabillity - Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a record of every event
• Management Key System available: Admin key - Manager key - User key
• No wiring required - all power provided by the key.

Information :

M5 is the first intelligent electronic cam lock independently developed by MAKE. The appearance of the product is the same as that of ordinary cam lock. The electronic key can unlock the lock without additional wiring.  You only need to install the battery on the electronic key to use the lock.
The lock is equipped with a three-level key management system for convenient management and use.
Product Description
 Name   Intelligent electronic cam lock  M5
 Material  Zinc alloy, brass
 Finished  Bright chrome, nickel
 Rotation  90 degree,Clockwise
 Temperature  5℃~+40℃
 Relative humidity  10%~75%
 Applicaton  ATM, meter box, vending machine, storage cabinet, toolbox, safe box  etc.

Product picture

electronic cam lock