25MM Disc lock system cam lock MK102BL

• Top security key system with four types key for selection
• Strong material, anti rust
• Master key system available
• Customer-oriented development available.

Information :

Disc lock system cam lock with function length 25mm, zinc alloy, four type key selection
High security lock without any spring inside, so it is hard to pick.

Product Description
 Name  25MM Disc lock system cam lock MK102BL
 Material  Zinc alloy
 Finished  Chrome
 Rotation  90 degree,Clockwise
 Key spes  Key Alike / Key Different / Master Key
 Key type  2 brass keys, nickel plated
 Key pull  1 position
 Key combination  10,000
 Application  Network Cabinet, vending machines, intellectualized terminal equipments ,pay phone
 Safety box,coffer,showcase,vehicle,trailer,kiosk,gun stock,train,parking meter etc.

Product picture