Bill payment lock,make our life more convenient

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Bill payment service is a kind of transfer settlement service in which the bank collects as agent of fee collectors (such as postal,power,gas and water supply departments)fees from their users.It is not a new thing in our life. Currently, in banks, hospitals, taxation, mobile and other places, bill payment service can be seen everywhere,and they play an important role that can not be ignored.

   With the future of public service requirements increase, the bill payment terminals and services will be distributed more widely, involving all areas of daily life,such as: the payment, purchase, virtual transactions and so on. While bill payment terminals are widely used, we must pay more attention to its security issues, such as equipping it with a high-security bill payment terminal lock to keep it away from the trouble of being stolen and pryed: 

Makelocks provides you with a series of bill payment terminal locks: including flat tumbler mechanism and pin tumbler mechanism, to ensure the safety of bill payment terminals and make life more convenient. We will introduce a patented cam lock M3 independently developed by makelocks.

M3 is a patented cam lock with high safety performance independently developed by makelocks. M3 is a small high-security cam lock with the key combination count of up to 16 million. Due to the cost is close to ordinary locks, it is easier to be accepted by the market and has a wide range of applications.

M3 has a special lock structure. It has not only obtained patents from China, the United States and Germany, but also passed the C-level certification of the MPS. It can truly be pry-proof, drill-proof and anti-technically open, effectively ensuring the security of the bill payment terminal.

Bill payment self-service terminal has brought us a convenient life, but its security is very important to restrict intruders. With the help of security bill payment terminal locks, property losses can be avoided, which is the security requirement of bill payment self-service terminals; With makelocks to make bill payment away from the invasion, this is your wise choice.

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