How does makelocks improve the security of ticket terminal equipment locks?

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The self-service ticket machine is gradually familiar to everyone, and its use is also very convenient. They are usually seen in subway stations and airports. With the self-service ticket machine, we no longer need to wait in a long queue for ticket.

As we all know, locks are indispensable safety requirements for any device, and the same is true for self-service ticket machines. Whether in a bustling station or a movie theater in a bustling urban area, self-service ticket machine needs security protection. With Make tubular locks, we can improve the security performance of the ticket terminal equipment locks for you.

So, how does Make tubular lock improve the security of self-service ticket machines? Today, let me tell you.

Tubular lock is a kind of pin key system lock, which mainly control the opening of the lock through its internal structure. The upper and lower rows of pins are distributed in a ring shape;the key is tubular, small and precise, and the number of key combination is large, which can be used in places with higher safety requirements.
Although the working principle of the tubular lock is simple, it can prevent technical opening and damage, and its security is not inferior to other locks. In addition, the price advantage of tubular locks makes it quite cost-effective.

Make tubular lock has the following advantages:
High security. At the lock head of the tubular lock, Make can also design anti-drilling steel balls according to customer requirements to enhance the safety factor of the lock. At present, Make tubular locks include 4 pins, 7 pins and 10 pins.

Easy to manage. Make tubular lock is equipped with a master key system. There are tens of thousands of key combination. When the manager is in the management and maintenance, he only needs to carry a key with him to manage many devices, which is very convenient.

Make tubular locks are diverse in variety, comprehensive in coverage, and have good security performance. They can effectively protect the security of your self-service ticket machine and keep you away from the troubles. If you are interested, you can visit the Make website to learn more about ticket terminal equipment locks!