Be smart with intelligent electronic cam lock M5

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With unprecedented competition and survival pressures in modern life, many people seek excitement and continue to enter entertainment venues. Gambling is a choice.Slot machines, also known as Pachinko (Japanese), are gambling machines that are often seen in casinos, and even have entertainment venues dedicated to slot machines.

Generally speaking, people pay more attention to the knowledge or games of gambling machines, but they pay little attention to the safety and stable operation of gambling machines.Installing an electronic cam lock for the gambling machine will definitely bring brand new safety and convenience to the safe and stable operation of your gambling machine.The intelligent electronic cam lock can not only ensure the safety of your gaming machine equipment, but also facilitate your management and maintenance.
The guide provided by makelocks will help you learn more about the technology and its functions and advantages used in the intelligent electronic cam lock-M5.
M5 is the first intelligent electronic cam lock independently developed by MAKE. The appearance of the product is the same as that of ordinary cam lock,but the electronic key can unlock the lock without additional wiring.  You only need to install the battery on the electronic key to use the lock.
Functions and features of M5-lock
1. Controlled Access-Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks
2.Accountability-Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a record of every event
3.Easy Setting-No key blanks/key cutting machine required,only set the key code &function through App
   Management Key System available:Admin key-Management Key-User Key, very convenient management and use
4.No wiring required-all power provided by the key
The above are some of the functions and advantages of the intelligent electronic cam lock M5. Makelocks provides you with a variety of intelligent electronic cam locks, which can provide you with 100% security for your gaming machine equipment, while making your equipment smarter and brand new.