Self-service terminals are popular, and the safety of the cash box must be taken seriously!

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With the continuous advancement of technology, self-service terminal equipment such as vending machines and self-service payment machines have been widely used in many industries, providing convenient and fast services for everyone.As an important part of the self-service terminal, the cash box lock provides security for the self-service terminal. So how to choose the cash box lock, let's take a look!
Since the cash box lock is responsible for protecting the safety of property, it is definitely essential to choose a safe and reliable cash box lock.However, because most of the current cash box locks are poor in security, pry-proof and anti-theft performance, and fail to meet the security requirements , they are likely to become potential factors that threaten the security of self-service terminals.
Make has invested a lot of research and development funds and has a number of advanced production equipment, and has a variety of locks such as cam locks and M3 patent locks with high safety and beautiful appearance.

For ATMs and other cash boxes that require high security, M3 is a more suitable lock. M3 adopts a new key system design and has a special lock structure that enables it to truly be pry-proof, drill-proof and anti-technical open, effectively ensuring the safety of the terminal money.This lock has obtained the patents of China, the United States and Germany, so you can feel more at ease when using it.

 The key combination of M3 is up to 16 million. Due to the cost is close to ordinary locks, it is easier to be accepted by the market and has a wide range of applications. It is often used as an ATM lock , cash box lock, safe lock, etc.

Nothing is more important than safety, because it concerns the safety of our property and equipment. A small M3 cash box lock can help you achieve any of your security needs, don't hesitate, we look forward to your contact!