What are the advantages of T-Handle lock as a vending machine lock?

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With the rapid popularization of self-service supermarkets, self-service cash registers, self-service ordering machines, self-service vending cabinets and other unmanned retail methods in our lives, as an eye connecting the internal and external worlds, vending machine locks are no longer just channels for loading and unloading goods. It is also an invisible "gatekeeper", guarding the safety of equipment. .

MAKE’s vending machine locks have various types, covering European, Japanese and American styles. Among them, the T handle lock is a major innovation of MAKE vending machine locks. So what are the advantages of T-handle lock ? Let's get to know with the editor!

As we all know, vending machine locks are vital to the long-term stable operation of vending machines, and also related to the safety of internal property. Make’s T-handle locks are equipped with high-security tubular and double-sided dimple systems, which are highly safe and have passed long-term market inspections and are safe and reliable.

Ease of operation is a major advantage of T handle locks.Since vending machines need to be turned on frequently, vending machines that can be turned on quickly are obviously more popular.

MAKE vending machine locks have three options of T-handle: ordinary T-handle, solid T-handle and T-handle with anti-drilling steel , and three types of nuts: locked nut, normal nut and control nut.In particular, the locked nut has three elastic threads and one-button push T handle to lock, convenient and safe, and the user-friendly design is welcomed by the majority of customers.

The master key system is another advantage of T-handle lock.As a highly professional unmanned self-service equipment, vending machines need to have someone responsible for regular product renewal and cleaning and maintenance work. Strings of keys are not only inconvenient to carry, but it is also very troublesome to find the corresponding keys.

Make T-handle lock is equipped with a master key system, and the staff can manage and maintain the equipment only by carrying the master key, which is very convenient.

The above are the advantages of  T-handle lock .If you are interested, you can visit MAKE's official website to learn more about T-handle lock information!