How does MAKE's Ipad stand lock make the service experience smarter?

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When it comes to the most popular self-service ordering equipment, I believe many people will first think of iPad and other tablet computers.The use of tablet computers not only provides customers with a free and appreciative ordering scheme, but also brings an end to the era when food companies need to frequently replace expensive paper recipes due to the replacement of dishes and price changes.

When we walk into the restaurant, we often see that the tablet computers are installed with "coats" one by one.The "coat" is composed of a protective cover and Ipad stand lock. It can make the tablet computer lock on the table like an ordinary notebook computer. While protecting the tablet computer from being broken, it can not only prevent theft, but also enable customers to have a better experience when ordering with the tablet computer.

MAKE provides a variety of Ipad stand locks with high cost performance and strong security to fully protect the safety of tablet computers. Let's take a look at MAKE's Ipad stand lock~

Cam lock:cam lock is the most commonly used lock. Such as MAKE small cam lock mk101BS.Mk101BS is a classic in Make small cam lock. The lock body is small and equipped with tubular key system, with high security.

In addition, there is a Mini cam lock M4, which is independently developed . The smallest diameter can reach 10mm. The number of key combination can reach more than 40 thousand, and it can also be used as a master key management system, so its safety performance is very high and its application is extensive. This lock has obtained the patent certification of America and Germany.

Push lock: push lock is a kind of lock that is locked horizontally by pressing. The push lock is generally small, but it takes up little space, so it looks beautiful and harmonious with the iPad computer as a whole.In order to improve the security of the push lock, MAKE equipped the push lock with a tubular key system and an disc key system for higher security.
We have many years of production and research and development experience in the field of Ipad stand locks. Through ODM, OEM, JDM multi-angle to meet the various needs of customers.MAKE Ipad stand locks are of high quality and cost-effective, which can makes your Ipad computer safe anywhere. If you want to know more, please call the hotline 0592-6360091 or leave us a message on the official website!