MAKE vending machine lock makes vending machine management more convenient

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When it comes to vending machines, everyone is familiar with it. It is located in airports, subway stations, shopping malls and other places, greatly facilitating people's lives.

As the application of vending machines becomes more and more widespread, its safety issues have gradually become prominent. Therefore, when choosing vending machine locks, buyers pay more attention to the quality and safety of vending machine locks in order to provide a full range of security and protection for the vending machine equipment to prevent theft and external attacks.

However, while the safety issue is being paid attention to, there is another problem that needs to be solved urgently: that is the management of vending machines. When a buyer is buying a vending machine lock, if he chooses to buy multiple machines, the buyer will be more inclined to choose a vending machine lock with a master key. Only this master key can unlock other vending machines. Provide more convenience.

Generally, there are many options for vending machine locks, such as flat key system locks and pin key system locks. However, the use of tubular locks adds a new function to the vending machine: convenient management.

The security of a tubular lock's mechanism functions around the fact that its pins are positioned all the way around the perimeter of the lock's cylinder plug. When one turns the key to open the lock, the shape of the key coordinates with the pins, allowing them to move aside, thus releasing the lock. When the key is removed, these steel pins are in place to block any attempts at unwanted tampering, consequently making it very hard to pick.                          

The tubular lock of MAKE's vending machine is made of zinc alloy and has a beautiful appearance. Equipped with a high-security tubular key system, the key combination can reach more than 10,000. In addition, it can also be equipped with a master key system, which can manage multiple devices with one key to facilitate the management of the vending machine.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2010, has more than ten years of experience in the production and research and development of vending machine locks, and has advantages in the development, manufacturing and service of vending machine locks. MAKE can provide customers with one-stop security solutions, realize product customization, and meet customer needs in multiple dimensions.