What do you know about tubular cam lock?

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Tubular cam locks are industrial locks. In ATM machines, self-service terminal equipment and financial terminal equipment, tubular cam locks are one of the commonest locks.So, what is the principle of the tubular cam lock and how safe is it ? Let's take a look with us~

Tubular locks have a ring-shaped hole in the middle of the keyway. In the middle of this circular hole is placed a solid metal cylinder. Inside the gap between the cylinder and the keyway hole are several pins. The upper pins are inserted into the lock cylinder hole or the lock cylinder, and the lower pins are inserted into the lock body hole, so that the lock cylinder can not rotate arbitrarily. Generally speaking, there are six to eight pins in the tubular cam locks, but there may be only four or as many as ten.

In addition to the internal structure, the key of the tubular cam lock is also unique.The key has rectangular notches cut around its edges that correspond to similarly shaped plugs. When properly inserted, each notch depresses an individual pin to a certain height. In doing so, the lock cylinder is able to turn freely. While basic pin tumbler systems use pins that move vertically when pushed, the pins of tubular pin tumbler locks move horizontally when pushed.

Because the tubular cam lock is so "different" and widely used, many people think it is safer than other cam locks. Is that true?In fact, compared with ordinary cam lock, tubular cam lock is more secure, but it is not unbreakable.In fact, however, they can be picked fairly easily using a special tubular lock picking tool, the back end of a ballpoint pen or a hole-saw drill bit.

In order to improve the safety , Xiamen MAKE security technology has improved the tubular cam lock.We have installed anti drilling steel balls to enhance safety and anti-theft performance. However, tubular cam locks are still not recommended for high security applications.

To determine whether or not tubular locks are right for your application, reach out to a well-versed lock manufacturer—Xiamen MAKE security technology with the details of your operation.