Industrial Locks - Wafer cam lock

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The wafer cam lock is a kind of flat key cam lock.When the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, the key is used to control the wafer to be flush, so that the lock cylinder rotates smoothly in the lock shell to achieve the purpose of unlocking.

The wafer cam lock has the following advantages: one is easy to install and operate, and the cost is low, which can be widely accepted by the public; second, when the lock cylinder is damaged, it can be easily replaced and maintained; third, it has better stability, longer service life, and will not change the performance due to environmental influences.
MAKE wafer cam locks are made of zinc alloy, which is safe and durable. The surface is treated with bright chrome and bright nickel, which has a good luster and texture.Double-sided milling key, inserting and pulling out very smoothly, and the safety is high.It adopts standard mounting hole design, which is quick and convenient to install. It is often used as mailbox lock, filing cabinet lock, toolbox lock, storage cabinet lock, etc.

For outdoor use scenes, it is bound to face the environment of wind, sun, and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the adaptability in harsh environment to prolong the service life.Our products have the functions of moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and can adapt to various harsh environments such as humidity and high temperature, and escort the safety of the equipment.

MAKE wafer cam locks are cost-effective, quality guaranteed, and have a complete after-sales service guarantee system. Once you have any questions about lock selection, installation, after-sales, etc., you can contact us in time.