Features of electronic safe locks

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The safe is a place for units or individuals to store valuables, so the anti-theft and anti-vandal capabilities are very strong. It is not easy to open the cabinet door, so it is a very important technology to master the technology of opening the safe code lock.

We have newly developed an electronic safe lock, which adopts the form of password input, and adds new functions to make the safe of the safe more secure and easier to manage.
This electronic safe lock is made of zinc alloy material. Equipped with two-level management system, with low-voltage alarm, memory function, and reset function.
Password input
It adopts the form of entering a password to unlock, and can set a 6-9 digit password, which is more secure.

Management function
This electronic safe lock has newly added management functions and has a two-level management system. Different management levels correspond to different usage rights. It is more suitable for the safe management of enterprises, governments, banks and other units and departments.

Wrong try penalty
It has a wrong try penalty function and a self-lock function. When the wrong password is entered 4 times in a row, the system will automatically lock for 5 minutes; when the password is entered, if the lock is not unlocked within 4 seconds, the system will automatically lock to prevent the safe password from being easily cracked.

Trace record
During use, the user can query the previous switch lock record and switch lock password.

Other functions:
It has low-voltage alarm, delay opening, memory function and reset function. You can set the delay start time by yourself, and you don’t need to worry about data loss after replacing the battery, which is easy to use.
The above are some of the functions and advantages of high security electronic safe lock . If you are interested in us, please go to the product center for more information, we welcome your inquiries! For more information, the hotline: +86-592-6363716 .