What do we need to pay attention to when choosing a vending machine lock?

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From its birth to today, vending machines have been popular for decades, occupying every corner of the city, selling items covering beverages, snacks, cosmetics and many other fields, and consumers cover all consumer groups.

With the widespread use of vending machines, the demand for vending machine locks has greatly increased to provide security and protection for vending machines from theft and external attacks.

Therefore, most vending machine locks are made of zinc alloy or stainless steel and need to be strong enough. However, when choosing a vending machine lock, what issues should we pay attention to?

One is to pay attention to the type of vending machine lock. Generally, vending machines are mostly fixed with tubular key locks and dimple key locks. The working principle is different from the unlocking experience, and we need to choose according to our own needs.

The second is to pay attention to the design of the vending machine lock. Current vending machine locks come in various sizes and designs, some structures have springs, and some do not. Different designs have different effects during use, and customized designs can also be implemented according to their own needs.
The third is to pay attention to whether it is equipped with a master key. Usually vending machines are used in a large amount, and the master key can realize one key to open multiple vending machines, which provides convenience for the management and maintenance of vending machines.

In addition to locks and keys, the choice of vending machine locks also requires attention to rod-like apparatus that connects the lid of the vending machine to the main lock, preventing the lid from being removed and keeping the entire machine collectively secure.

There are three types of lock rod-like apparatus : ordinary T-bar, solid T-bar and T-bar with anti-drilling steel bar for selection.

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