China's professional key lock manufacturer, providing high security cam locks

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Key locks are common security tools used to protect and prevent theft accidents. The use range and scenarios of key locks are very wide. In cash boxes, ATM machines, smart terminals, and vending machines, key locks play an important role in security protection.
Xiamen MAKE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional key lock manufacturer in China, providing a variety of high-security and high-quality key locks to ensure the safety of users' property.

Cam lock: It is a widely used industrial lock. The cam lock has a simple structure and low price.

According to the difference in internal structure, the cam lock can be divided into tubular key cam lock, flat key cam lock and disc key cam lock. They have their own advantages and can be widely used in industrial scenes.
We have a wide variety of cam locks with comprehensive coverage, good safety performance and a wide range of applications. There are also self-developed high-safety and high-quality cam locks, such as “disc in disc” lock.
Push lock: It is a lock that is locked by pressing horizontally. The push lock is compact, easy to operate, and has a long service life. It is a cost-effective key lock, which is mainly used in various scenarios such as smart terminals, ATM machines, advertising machines, display cabinets, etc.

We can provide push locks with flat key system, tubular key system, and disc key system.
Vending machine locks are mainly used in areas such as self-service vending and unmanned retail. We provide American, Japanese and European style vending machine locks, which can be matched with most vending machines, with high security and quality assurance.

MAKE—China professional key lock manufacturer, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, has many years of production and research and development experience in the key lock, which can meet the various needs of customers and is deeply trusted and praised by customers.