Push lock, a lock suitable for iPad holder

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At present, consumers are using more and more applications for tablets. We are no longer satisfied with holding it in our hands, and hope that the tablet can temporarily become a small desktop computer.The iPad holder is a tool to turn a tablet into a small desktop computer.

iPad holder is a simple and easy-to-use tool that brings better user experience to users. In order to protect the safety of the iPad, when using it, we also need to equip it with a lock.

Among the locks used in the iPad holder, the push lock is undoubtedly the most suitable type. Why is the push lock more suitable for use on the iPad holder? The main answers are as follows:

The compact size is very suitable for iPad. This is because the structure of the push lock is simple, light in weight, small in space, and convenient to carry around.

Another big advantage of the push lock is that it is easy to use and can withstand high-frequency openings.

At the same time, the pressing and unlocking method can have a longer service life, which is very suitable for the use scene requirements of the iPad holder.
As a lock company, we provide a variety of cost-effective and safe holder locks to protect the safety.

Our push locks can be equipped with a variety of key systems. The key combination are more than 10,000. The lock can be designed with anti-drilling steel balls, which has a higher safety factor.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology has many years of production and research and development experience in the field of locks. Through ODM, OEM, JDM to meet the various needs of customers. MAKE iPad holder lock is of high quality and cost-effective, which can ensure your iPad safe anywhere. If you want to know more, please call the hotline 0592-6360091 or leave us a message on the official website!