The new guardian of retail cabinet doors-MAKE electric bolt lock

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Electric bolt lock is a kind of electronically controlled lock, which drives the extension or retraction of the "bolt" through the on and off of the current to achieve the function of locking or opening the door.Of course, the realization of the function of closing the door and opening the door needs to cooperate with the "magnet" to realize it.

The electric bolt lock is composed of two main parts: the lock body and the keyhole.The key component of the lock body is the bolt, which cooperates with the lock hole to realize two states of door closing and door opening.

Because of the retractable function of the bolt, electric bolt locks are often used on various side-opening doors (two-way opening). At the same time, its "concealed" installation characteristics are also more suitable for places that require high security of the lock body.

electric bolt locks 
The electric bolt lock MK232 is a new product developed by Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly used in heavy cabinet doors and retail cabinet doors.

It is made of high-strength zinc alloy, and the bolt is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable; adopts micro-processing chip control circuit to prevent mechanical failure; LED light dual-color prompts, real-time status feedback; ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low temperature design , the applicable temperature is -20~55℃, it is safer to use, durable and environmental friendly.

electric bolt locks 
In terms of quality control, MAKE strictly controls it. Up to 500,000 times of power-on aging test to ensure sufficient service life. The wire harness can withstand a tensile force of 50N, can prevent being damaged by violence, and can be equipped with a mechanical key for emergency unlocking.

The above is the introduction of Make electric bolt locks. In the future, we will continue to research and development and increase the investment in locks to provide our customers with more safe and high-quality locks!