MAKE Kiosk lock makes the kiosk more secure

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Information kiosks refer to public service facilities placed in the center of a city. The shape is similar to a phone booth in a city today, where high-tech equipment such as ATM machines, self-service terminals, and LED displays can be placed.Through this device, citizens can directly carry out financial services, payment of public expenses, self-service purchases, and public information acquisition.
As a new landscape on the streets of the city, the security of information kiosks is inseparable from the security of kiosk lock.Currently, there are various types of locks used in information kiosks ,ranging from product grades to security levels, which is dazzling and hard to start. As an expert in the lock industry, we recommend two high-security kiosk locks.
MAKE MK114B dimple lock: This lock is equipped with a high-security dimple key system, which uses double-row pins to increase the safety factor. The key combination can reach more than 10,000, which has strong safety performance. The unlocking feels smooth and easy to install. The lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy material, and the surface of the lock is treated with special processes such as bright chrome and bright nickel.

MK101B tubular locks: This lock is equipped with a tubular key system. Compared with the same type of locks in the industry, the configuration is higher and the security is guaranteed. The lock itself has a master key system, and different types of locks can be opened through the master key, which is very convenient to manage; in addition, you can also choose whether to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs. The anti-drilling steel balls will more effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

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