How does disc tumbler lock provide security for smart terminals?

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The disc tumbler lock is a mechanical lock with excellent anti-theft performance. The opening of the lock is controlled mainly by the arrangement of the discs.In the security protection of smart terminals, it occupies a place.

How does the disc tumbler lock provide security for smart terminals? In the smart terminal application scenario, what are the advantages of the it?

The disc tumbler lock pushes out the lock bolt into the lock shell groove through the discs. Generally, locks rely on spring movement, but the disc tumbler lock is a switch lock realized by turning the key, which effectively avoids the problem of jumping beads.
In addition, the disc tumbler lock also has the following advantages: first, stable and reliable performance, can be used in some harsh environments; second, durable and long service life; third, it can be equipped with a universal system, which is more convenient for management and maintenance.

MAKE disc tumbler lock is made of high-quality materials such as zinc alloy and copper, with high-quality surface treatment, which can prevent rust and corrosion;high-safety structure design, 4 key shapes to choose from, can meet the various needs of users.The disc tumbler lock can provide a universal system and a secondary universal system, which is convenient to manage and maintain.

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