Cam lock introduction——mini cam lock M4

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Whether in industry or life, cam locks are a very common hardware accessory. As a common industrial lock, the cam lock is easy to operate and has the inherent advantages of low price. Therefore, the application of the cam lock is still very extensive.


With the development of the lock industry, the competition for cam locks has become more intense. In order to improve their competitiveness, many lock manufacturers continue to improve the performance of the cam lock.

MAKE is a professional lock manufacturer in China, focusing on the development and production of locks. With the unremitting efforts , a mini cam lock with higher safety, smaller size and more exquisite appearance has been developed. Next, let me take a look at the advantages of the mini cam lock M4~
Mini size
Compared to other cam locks, M4 is very mini. The minimum diameter of M4 can reach 10mm. It will not occupy too much volume and space during installation and use. It is especially suitable for some relatively small equipment.

Higher safety
The key system has undergone a new design. The number of key combination can reach more than 40,000, which is much higher than the same size cam locks on the market, and brings the safety of mini cam locks to a new level.The safety performance of this lock has been affirmed, and it has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.

Increase master system
In addition to security improvements, M4 has also added a master key system. When the user's key is lost, it can be opened by the master key.For the large number of equipment use places, M4 master key can also provide convenience for equipment management.

The above is some introduction about mini cam lock M4. We will continue to increase its R&D and investment in locks to provide customers with more safe and high-quality mini cam locks!