What is the function of a keyless turn cam lock?

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There are many types of cam locks, including locks with various structures such as dimple key locks, flat key locks, and tubular key locks.Among the types of cam locks, there is also a keyless turn cam lock. It has neither a keyhole nor a key, but it is still widely used in industry.So, what is the function of a keyless turn cam lock?

Perhaps in your opinion, keyless turn cam locks are not safe.But in fact, its main functions are as follows: First, in some usage scenarios, the cabinet door can be closed by the keyless cam lock, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, but also prevents the cabinet door from being opened and causing bumps; the handle of the key and cam lock provides convenience for the use of the device.When we open the cabinet door, it can be used as a handle to facilitate the opening .

When choosing a keyless turn cam lock, pay attention to the following points:Pay attention to the finish. The quality of surface treatment is related to durability, and also determines the ability of waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.
Pay attention to whether it can be locked. A high-quality keyless cam lock should be flexible and easy to use. If it is too tight, it will affect the opening of the cabinet door, and if it is too loose, there will be potential safety hazards.

The keyless turn cam lock MK407-8, made of zinc alloy material, adopts straight long cam design, which can ensure that the cabinet door is firmly locked; the lock body is not large, with a W-shaped handle, to the rotate 90° to the right to lock, easy to operate, and can be used on game machines, gambling machines and advertising boxes.

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