China ATM lock supplier, provide you with four ATM locks

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ATM machine is an important auxiliary equipment of the bank. It usually runs 24 hours a day, providing convenient and fast access services for everyone. As the safety "eye" of ATM , the choice of locks used is very critical. So, what are the security locks commonly used in ATM ?

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese ATM lock supplier, providing you with four types of ATM locks, which can provide security for ATM machines in all aspects.
At ATM withdrawals, a cam lock can be used for added security.The tubular cam lock can be equipped with anti-drilling steel balls as required, and the master key system can open different types of locks.We can set two specifications of 7 or 10 pins, and the key combination is more than 10,000.
ATM lock 
The patented cam lock M4 has a small lock body, with a minimum diameter of 10mm; the number of key combination is as many as 46,000, which is much higher than that of locks of the same size on the market. It is very suitable for ATM machines with high security requirements.
electronic safe lock 
The ATM safes can use our new electronic safe lock..It is mainly opened by entering a combination of passwords.Users can improve the security and reliability of the safe by setting a 6~9-digit password. If you do not unlock it within 4 seconds, it will automatically lock, so don't worry about security .
To make it easier for you to open the safe, we also offer a T-handle lock. Its handle is ergonomically designed, and the surface is non-slip, which is comfortable to hold, strong and reliable, and it is very convenient for you to open the internal safe of the ATM.

The above are the four security locks commonly used in ATM. For more information, please contact us in time~