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Are you a tablet expert?If so, I believe that you must be inseparable from the Ipad holder in your life. The Ipad holder can lock the Ipad on the table like a normal laptop. It can not only protect the tablet from being broken, but also prevent theft and bring you a good experience.
Considering that the Ipad also needs to be anti-theft and improve the security of the tablet, the China Ipad holder lock supplier——Make provides you with a variety of holder locks with high safety and high cost performance.

Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to the product details and related types of our Ipad holder locks.
cam lock 
The cam lock is the most commonly used lock for the Ipad bracket. Such as small cam lock MK101BS.. The lock body is small in size and equipped with a tubular key system for high security.
cam lock 
In addition, we can also provide you with a mini cam lock M4, which is independently developed and designed by Make. The minimum diameter can reach 10mm and the number of key combination can reach more than 40,000.It can also be used as a master key management system, so the safety performance is very high. This lock has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.
We are a professional supplier of China Ipad holder lock, meeting various needs of customers through ODM, OEM, JDM from multiple angles. Our Ipad holder locks are high quality and affordable to keep your tablet safe anywhere.