MAKE vending machine lock provides a variety of security guarantees for vending machines

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Vending machine lock is an important tool to maintain the safety and stability of equipment. With the increase of application scenarios, the product quality and safety performance of vending machine lock are facing challenges.

"In order to make the vending equipment have safer and higher quality locks, we have been looking for suppliers who satisfy us." A MAKE branch partner said.

As a China vending machine supplier, MAKE has customized a variety of high-end vending machine locks for self-service vending systems and facilities. We can provide lock cylinders with different structures according to customers' requirements for security level, including tubular structure, double-sided marble structure and abloy structure. There are various varieties, safe and reliable.

The mechanical vending machine lock is equipped with a high security key system.When you unlock, it will pop-out automatically to facilitate you to unlock. When locking, just push the T-shaped handle, which is not only convenient and fast, but also has high safety.

The electronic vending machine lock adopts “Bluetooth + 5G + cloud platform” technology. As long as the mobile phone is gently clicked, it can unlock the lock, reducing the opening and closing time from "15 seconds" to "1 second", which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

The status of the lock can be transmitted to the customer management platform through the feedback line. When there is an abnormal situation, it can automatically alarm through the mobile phone, making the vending machine more convenient for management and use.

In addition, MAKE also provides electronic bolt lock for the lattice cabinets of vending machines. It adopts photoelectric control technology and controls the circuit through microprocessor chip.

The electronic bolt lock is made of zinc alloy, which is extremely hard. The power on aging test is up to 500000 times, which can bring sufficient safety guarantee to the vending machine.

MAKE lock factory focuses on the design, R & D, manufacturing and marketing services of industrial locks and commercial locks.For different types and functions of self-service equipment, on the premise of ensuring high quality, we pursue various types, convenience and high experience, so as to provide sufficient security for vending machines.