What can MAKE bring to self-service ticket machine locks?

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As we all know, locks are inseparable safety for many devices, and the same is true for self-service ticket machines.Whether it is in a bustling station or a movie theater in a bustling urban area, self-service ticket machines need security protection.

The cam lock is the most commonly used lock for self-service ticket vending machines. With the help of Make's cam lock, we can improve the security performance of the self-service ticket machine for you.

who we are?
Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial lock manufacturer from China. We provide a variety of high-quality, high-security cam locks, which can reduce the cost of self-service ticket machines as much as possible while ensuring sufficient security performance.

Why choose us?
We have decades of experience in production and research and development in the lock industry. With modern production workshops and strong manufacturing capabilities, perfect quality system and strict quality control, we can provide you with one-stop security solutions and high-quality products in all aspects service.

What can we bring to your self-service ticket machine?
Security: Self-service ticket machines are located in public areas and are frequently used, which requires high security of locks. MAKE cam lock adopts a high-security key system, which can provide the most basic security.

Convenient management: It is often impossible to have only one self-service ticket machine. It is often necessary for staff to count the coins in it or maintain and manage internal equipment in time. Therefore, the cam locks need to be convenient for the staff to use.MAKE cam lock can be equipped with a master key to realize the management function of "one key to open multiple locks".

Increase profit:On self-service ticket machines, many transactions occur every day, which requires long-term stable operation of the equipment. The cam lock provided by MAKE provides sufficient security , which will bring high profits to your self-service ticket machine.

MEKE is a professional lock factory, if you need more information, or have any questions about the self-service ticket machine cam lock, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your consultation~