MAKE Launches digital keypad lock for ATM Machine security

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ATM machines are an important part of the financial system. At ATMs, a large number of cash transactions take place every day. Among them, the ATM machine safe is an important device for keeping these cash.

The lock for safe box manufacturer—MAKE has launched a new digital keypad lock, which can make the ATM machine safe more convenient to manage and ensure the safety of the equipment.

We are committed to improving the security of ATM machine safes. The digital keypad lock guarantees the safe to the greatest extent through the locking function and self-locking function. When you enter the wrong password 4 times in a row, it will automatically lock; and within 4 seconds after entering the password, if you do not unlock it, it will automatically lock, so don't worry about security.

"In the security upgrade of the ATM safe, I believe this will be the best lock for ATM safe box ." The product manager said. The lock has passed UL2058 certification, and its products and functions have reached industry standards .

The digital keypad lock has manager-level and personal user-level management systems, and administrators can set different access according to their needs. Every access record will be recorded faithfully, even after the battery is replaced, the data will not be lost.
Safe lock
Offering a drawer battery compartment with more than 1 year battery life, this lock easily supports our access to the safe, delivering on the promise of efficient energy use. When the battery voltage is insufficient, the electronic lock can still be used 3 times, which has the advantage of flexibility.

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