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The vending machine lock is the channel for the operator to manage and maintain the vending machine at ordinary times, and it is also an important tool to protect the goods from being stolen.

As a vending machine lock manufacturer, we provide you with mechanical and smart vending machine locks to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Based on the pain points of the industry, on the basis of realizing the safety of vending machines, we have added functions such as convenient vending machine management, automatic alarm, and status feedback.It not only facilitates the management of traditional vending machines, but also brings a new direction of exploration for the security of unmanned retail.

The mechanical vending machine lock is made of Seiko quality, sturdy and durable, and has good anti-theft, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant effects in terms of security.
The design has American, Japanese and European styles. The front is smooth like a mirror, which is more high-end and more suitable for the needs of vending machines.

The bluetooth/central control vending machine lock is our new vending machine lock. Using "5G + Bluetooth + cloud platform" technology, the door opening and closing time is reduced from "15 s" to "1 s", which greatly improves operational efficiency.

The lock status can be transmitted to the management platform through the feedback line. When there is an abnormal situation, it can be automatically alarmed through the mobile phone, which is more secure.
MAKE is a professional vending machine lock manufacturer. For many years, we have focused on designing vending machine locks to meet the needs of self-service devices.

The vending machine locks we produce cover a variety of types. They are not only mature in technology, but also safe and reliable. They have been tested by the market for a long time and are very popular in European and American markets. After years of continuous efforts, MAKE has rapidly grown into a professional provider of vending machine security solutions.