What are the advantages of MAKE self-service card machine lock?

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Banks are an important place where self-service card machines are used, and an important tool to improve user experience and enhance customer stickiness. In this usage scenario, a self-service card machine lock generally needs to have three elements:

Similar to a bank's ATM, the self-service card machine is pre-stored with "cards" that are not loaded with bank functions and customer information, and require complete security management.

At the same time, realizing the security of internal hardware is also an essential element for the self-service card machine lock.

The concept of self-service equipment is to minimize on-site manual support, so the stability of equipment is one of the necessary characteristics of self-service card issuing machines.

Therefore,the lock is an important guarantee to maintain the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Convenience is not only the convenience of the user's operation process, but also the convenience of the management of the staff.

Combining the above basic elements , it is foreseeable that the choice of self-service card machine locks will be very important. Therefore, you need to choose a good lock provider for your self-service card  equipment.

Xiamen MAKE Lock Factory is a well-known China lock supplier , providing professional and perfect solutions for every customer. We can provide you with high quality mechanical cam locks and electronic cam locks.

The mechanical cam lock has a complex structure, and the key combination can be as high as 10 billion, which can effectively realize anti-prying, anti-drilling and anti-technical opening, and effectively ensure the safety of the equipment;

electronic cam lock 
The electronic cam lock M5 has high security and controllable access rights, and can manage the use records systematically. At the same time, it has a three-level user management system, and the key provides power, so that the device can be more intelligent while achieving safety and efficiency!
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