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The key lock has a long history of development. Almost every great lock company has its own unique design.Although there are few new designs of key lock in recent years, we still attaches great importance to the design and development of key locks, and provides the best key lock products for everyone.
There are various types of MAKE key locks, each with its own uniqueness. But today, we want to introduce to you represents our independent R&D capabilities and technical level products that we can be proud of.
Disc in disc lock
The M1 lock adopts the innovative concept of "disc in disc", with multiple safety structures, and the key combination can reach 10 billion, which can realize anti-prying, anti-drilling and anti-technical opening.

M1-lock has obtained invention patents in China, the United States and Germany, and can be used in financial terminals, cash boxes, gun cabinets, safes and other products with high security requirements.
Double-sided dimple lock:
The dimple lock is one of the commonly used key locks. Due to the exposed end of the dimple and the short working stroke, it can be directly touched by special tools such as wire hooks, and it is easy to be opened technically.

We have improved the lock and developed a double-sided dimple lock with higher security. It has a row of pins on both sides of the lock cylinder. Compared with the ordinary lock, its structure is more complex, and the security is higher.
Electronic key lock:
M5 is a lock that combines mechanical and electronic. It puts the battery in the key, and realizes the switch and lock operation through the connection with the electronic key.M5 not only has the advantages of easy installation and use of key locks, but also has the advantages of intelligent and informatization of electronic locks, which can be called a major revolution in the field of key locks.

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