The types of MAKE push lock

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The push lock is a lock that locks in a horizontal manner. With the advantages of small size and exquisite appearance, the push lock has become one of the commonly used locks for ipad holder.

The push lock is mainly composed of a lock shell, a lock cylinder, a telescopic rod and other components. There use method is relatively simple: when in use, only a simple push can be used to realize the switch lock, which is more convenient to operate.At the same time, the push lock has a certain degree of security, which can keep the ipad away from the risk of theft.

Push locks are also divided into different types according to the structure of the lock cylinder used. What are the advantages of each push lock? Next, MAKE Lock Factory will take you to understand~
Wafer push lock: The lock cylinder adopts the flat structure, the structure is simple, and the unlocking is relatively smooth.
Tubular push lock: The lock cylinder is a tubular structure. In terms of maintenance and management, it can be matched with a master key and management system, which is convenient for management. It is suitable for ipad display stores, educational institutions and other places.
Disc push lock: The lock cylinder is of disc structure. There is no spring inside, and the switch lock is mainly realized by the rotation of the key and the inner row, and the anti-theft performance is better.

The push locks from MAKE Lock Factory, covering the above types of push locks, can safely adapt your iPad to any environment at an unprecedented price, making it an excellent choice for iPad retail stores, educational institutions and hospitals.If you're interested in it, check out our full line of push lock products now!