MAKE vending machine locks help solve vending machine management problems!

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In the operation of vending machines, the management of equipment has always been a problem for managers.Mechanical vending machine lock has a large number of keys, and one key can only open one lock. When unlocking, it needs to be rotated several times, which is a huge workload.

vending machine lock
At the same time, traditional vending machine lock lacks usage information record, which brings challenge to management and maintenance.

Recently, the R&D team of MAKE Lock Factory has provided a vending machine lock( MK221 ) to solve the problem of vending machine management.

MK221 adopts bluetooth technology,and is realized  the connection between mobile phone and vending machine lock. As long as the mobile phone is lightly clicked, it can be unlocked.

The door opening and closing time is reduced from "15 seconds" to "1 second", which gets rid of the traditional key unlocking mode and improves the management efficiency of vending machines.

When unlocking, the administrator only needs to touch the lock, and the T handle will pop up automatically without manual rotation.It completely solves the pain spot that the lock needs to be rotated for multiple turns to unlock, liberates the hands of managers and improves work efficiency.
At the same time,  MAKE R&D team also equipped the MK221 with a professional APP. Only the APP account authorized by the administrator can open the corresponding lock.

Every time the unlocking record can be transmitted to the customer management platform through the feedback line.It can automatically alarm in case of abnormal situation to ensure the safe operation of the self-service vending machine.
With this new vending machine lock from China MAKE Lock Factory, I believe that the management of vending machines is no longer a problem! Do you want such a vending machine lock? Don't hesitate, improving management efficiency is just in your mind! Please contact us for details!