MAKE digital keypad lock - specially made for ATM safe

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Safe is an important part of ATM machine. It is mainly used to store cash boxes and computer hosts,which has a high safety factor and can almost be described as invincible.

Generally speaking, the safety requirements of the lock used for the safe are high, most of which are cam locks with strong anti-theft, anti prying and anti drilling capabilities. With the development of electronic locks, various high security electronic code locks are gradually applied to the safe of ATM machines.

The China lock supplier——Make lock factory, has introduced an digital keypad lock with high security for ATM safe. It not only protects the safety of ATM safe, but also brings convenience to the use and management of equipment.

In addition to the most basic key unlocking function, this safe lock also has the following features and functions:

Two level management system: the lock has a manager level and user level management system. The manager level authority is high, which can prevent the failure to open the safe due to forgetting the password.
Delay opening: delay opening is an essential function of ATM safe. The delayed opening time of this electronic safe lock is 0~99 minutes. You can set the delayed opening time according to your own needs.

Locking function: when opening the safe, if you do not open it 4 seconds after entering the password, it will be locked automatically; If you enter the wrong password for 4 consecutive times, this electronic safe lock will automatically lock for 5 minutes. This function will work in some dangerous situations and can help delay the time when the safe is opened.

Memory function: battery replacement is a common thing in electronic locks. The most worrying thing is the loss of data. Make digital keypad lock has memory function. Even if its battery is replaced, the original use data will still be saved, providing convenience for your future use data query.
digital keypad lock
In order to reduce your concern, we have also set a special function for this electronic code lock. When it is locked, its green light will be on for 15 seconds to remind you that the safe is locked. You do not need to confirm whether it is locked at all times.

Except ATM safe, it can also be used in gun cabinets, vaults and other scenes with high security and confidentiality.