Why use mini push lock of MAKE lock factory?

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When you use the iPad, you will inevitably use the push lock. It can provide security for our iPad, play the role of anti-theft, and prevent it from being broken under special circumstances.

China push lock supplier - MAKE lock factory can provide high-quality and cost-effective push locks, one of which is a mini push lock, especially suitable for iPad.
Explore below how MAKE mini push lock can give you an extra edge.

Less space: This is the most important use requirement of the iPad. The diameter of the MAKE Mini push lock is less than 10mm, and the lock hole is only the size of the index finger, so it will not take up too much space or increase weight in use.

High quality surface treatment: the surface of the mini push lock has been strictly treated, such as chrome plating, nickel plating, etc. The surface is smooth, exquisite and beautiful. Even if you accidentally touch water, rust will not occur.

Personalized Customization: when you choose our mini push lock, you can customize it according to your needs: for example, the design of the lock structure, the length of the telescopic rod, whether you need a master key system, etc.
MAKE mini push lock , a  push lock you can fully rely on.