The characteristics of MAKE wireless electronic lock

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"Wireless electronic locks" is a new and important branch in the field of electronic locks.It transfers the necessary working power supply of the electronic lock to the key, thus completely solving a series of inherent problems in the traditional electronic lock, such as: consuming a lot of batteries, requiring frequent maintenance, complex structure, low degree of generalization and standardization, and high failure rate.
M5 wireless electronic lock is a popular product of MAKE lock factory. It meets the requirements of customers for high reliability, high security, informatization and intelligence of locks from many aspects, and is deeply favored by many customers.
Characteristics and advantages of wireless electronic lock
The wireless electronic lock is depended on the key to supply power ; the lock body does not need power supply and communication wiring, and can be used on a variety of mobile devices.

the lock cylinder has a built-in memory chip, which can record the on-site electronic lock operation information, and can trace the specific time and which key has been operated.
the electronic key adopts process authorization management to strictly control the operation authority and operation time. Even if the key is lost, it only needs to report the loss without replacing the lock cylinder.

The lock body and the key can hybrid authorization:one lock body can authorize multiple keys, and one key can also be used for any number of wireless electronic locks.

the lock body adopts 16*19 standard mounting hole design, which is fully compatible with the installation method of traditional locks.

System layout

MAKE wireless electronic lock system is mainly composed of three parts: server / cloud server, central management system platform, electronic key and passive lock. The central management system platform can authorize itself, and it is also convenient for data collection and analysis, so as to realize the fine management of next-level users.

Main application scenarios
Wireless electronic lock has a wide range of application scenarios, and it can almost be replaced by mechanical lock where it can be used. It is mainly used in financial terminals, gambling machines, chassis cabinets and other industries.

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