How to Choose the Right Ticket Machine lock for Your Needs?

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We all know about ticket machines. It seems like they’re set up in public transport, shopping center, or office, etc,providing convenient ticket service for everyone.

With all the options available in the market, choosing the right ticket machine lock may make you already feel your head spinning. But don’t worry, we will provide a complete and comprehensive guide to selecting the appropriate locks for you in this article. Keep reading to find out more!
Security requirements
As with most vending machines, the first requirement for a ticket machine lock selection must be security.Security keeps the money and equipment inside from the risk of theft, so that the vending machine is always in normal operation.
Lock price
When choosing, I believe that another major problem that troubles us is the price! No one wants to pay a high price for a product of average quality.
Therefore, a variety of factors should be considered when choosing, whether to choose an electronic lock or a   mechanical lock? Is the price already optimal? Try to get the best quality lock products with the highest cost performance.
Maintenance and Service
Based on the usage scenario of the automatic ticket machine, you must pay attention to the management and maintenance of the lock.What is the life of the lock? Is it waterproof and moisture-proof? In management, can one key open multiple locks?
Therefore, it is necessary to choose a lock that is durable and can overcome the above factors, thereby reducing maintenance costs and high compensation.
Choosing  a trusted  brand
Choosing a reliable brand is as important as lock quality. This is because, in addition to providing us with high-quality products, trusted brands can also provide us with 24/7 service, basic technical training and long-term product warranties.These high-quality services give you enough peace of mind in the later management and maintenance of the ticket machine.

Intelligent electronic cam lock 
MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese lock supplier, providing long-term safe and reliable high-quality lock products for foreign customers.For ticket machine locks, we provides customers with two solutions: mechanical cam lock and intelligent electronic lock, so that the choice of automatic ticket vending machines can better meet your needs!
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