What is electronic bolt lock?

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Eelectronic bolt lock is not an ordinary lock as soon as you hear the name, so how to install this kind of lock?What is the principle of electronic bolt lock? Presumably, this is what most people want to know. Next, let's explain it for you.

Principle of electronic bolt lock:
Electronic bolt lock is an electronic lock, which drives the extension or retraction of "lock bolt" through the on-off of current to lock or open the door.Of course, the realization of the function of closing and opening the door requires the cooperation with the "magnetic ".

Advantages of electronic bolt lock:
Because of the retractable function of the lock bolt, the lock is often used on all kinds of side hung doors (two-way opening). At the same time, its "hidden" installation feature is not only beautiful, but also suitable for places that require high confidentiality of the lock body.

Application scenario of electronic bolt lock:
Generally speaking, electronic bolt locks are often used on doors with various side hung doors (two-way opening), which can open the door 180 degrees inside and outside. In application scenarios, heavy cabinet and retail cabinet are mostly used.

Xiamen MAKE provides an electronic bolt lock MK232 that can be used for heavy & retail cabinet which can escort the safety of unmanned retail cabinets.

The lock body is made of high-strength zinc alloy, and the lock bolt is made of stainless steel, which is firm and durable. The lock can withstand 1000kg  impact. Even in the event of "violent attack", it can still be intact.

The service life is up to 500,000 times, without frequent replacement for a long time. The harness can withstand 50N tension, which can prevent violent damage; When the lock is in the state of no electronicity or low voltage, the mechanical key can be used for emergency unlocking, which is safe and worry-free.

Installation precautions: during installation, pay attention to adjust the corresponding positions of the lock bolt and the lock hole, as well as the corresponding positions with the ground spring and the ground lock.

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