MAKE T-Handle locks for vending machine

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When a new vending machine is sold for use, a vending machine lock must be required to protect its security. Among the protector of vending machines, T-handle locks are ideal for vending machines and other locking handle applications.

T-Handle locks are so-called because of their shape and can provide convenience for our use.

Make Lock Factory provides you with T-handle vending machine locks. One of the American-style lock MK211, with high security, easy installation and operation, can meet your needs for vending machine.

This product has disc key lock system. We all know that among mechanical locks, the disc key structure has excellent anti-theft performance and is the most difficult lock structure to be picked.

Because there is no spring inside it, it mainly relies on the rotation of the key to realize the switch lock, so it can solve the problems of theft and prying of equipment such as vending machines.
MK211 is made of zinc alloy material, with T handle design concept. There are three kinds of nuts for users to choose, easy and fast installation. In addition to vending machines, it can also be used in ATM machines, game machines, advertising machines and other scenarios.
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