MAKE High Security patent cam Lock for ATM Cash Box

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A cash box lock is used in ATM in order to keep cash money safe. Cash boxes are obviously a critical application as they can easily be targeted by thieves. In order to protect both the funds and personnel who handle them, MAKE, a Chinese lock supplier, provides high security locks designed to be integrated on your cash box.
M4 is a small mini patent cam lock with a minimum diameter of 10mm. It is built from high quality materials, with bright chrome and bright nickel finishes, providing a durable solution with a long service life cycle.
The lock cylinder adopts the " tenon" flat key system, and the number of key combination is as high as 40,000, which is much higher than the same size on the market.Not only is the safety factor high, but it also provides cost-effective security for your application.

At the same time, M4 also has a master key system that can be used to manage locks when needed, which is convenient for management and use. This lock fills the gap in the security lock market in China and abroad, and has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.

We offer a wide range of high security cam locks to suit the ATM cash box requirements. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the most suitable one-stop solution for cash box locks to ensure the security of ATM cash box.