Quality and safety, MAKE electronic safe lock solution

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The safe locks are mainly divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks, but with the development of technology, mechanical locks have obviously not met the needs of safes. Electronic safe locks have advantages over mechanical safe locks in terms of ease of operation, reliability, and security.

Makelocks Factory recently launches a new electronic safe lock.It has electronic keys to unlock the lock and long battery life.Equipped with two-level management system, with low-voltage alarm, memory function, and reset function. Here are the pros and cons that can help you make your decision.

1、Higher Security
Compared with mechanical safes, electronic safe locks are clearly more recognized by the entire industry in terms of security.
Make electronic safe locks are mainly opened by entering a combination of passwords. Users can improve the security and reliability of the safe by setting a 6-9-digit password.
When the correct combination is entered, the tail end of the electronic safe lock automatically retracts and allows the handle to be turned in order to open the safe door. Once the wrong password is entered four times in a row, it will be automatically locked for 5 minutes.

2、 Ease of Operation
In the past mechanical safe locks, we had to spin the password numbers to the correct position, which was not only troublesome, but also made it difficult for some people (especially the elderly).
At the same time, the operation is complicated and time-consuming. Once we have a large number of safe locks to manage (such as ATM machines), it will cause us trouble.
Electronic safe locks help us solve the above problems. When in use, you only need to enter the password you set to unlock it automatically, without a key or manual operation.Make electronic safe lock also has LED lights for unlocking and low voltage prompts, making it more convenient to use.

3. Longer service life
Electronic safe locks tend to be subjected to less wear and tear and last longer than traditional locks. Make electronic safe lock is made of zinc alloy material, which is strong and durable, with less wear and tear, and has a standby life of up to 3 years; the structure is not easy to change, which affects the normal use of the lock.
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