How do we provide security for self-service card issuing machines?

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In recent years, more and more self-service card issuing machines are used in banks and hospital places. It brings instant card issuance through user self-service operation. Since it is unattended, its security situation is a concern, including the locks used.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd., has rich experience in lock R&D , and can give you one-stop lock solutions for self-service card issuing machine lock.
So we're going to explain how we can provide security support for self-service card issuing machines.

cam locks 

R&D is our strength. Over the past years, we have invested a lot of resources in the development and production of locks.Today, we can already provide high security, high quality patented locks for self-service card issuing machines, such as M1, M3 and M4.
These patented locks have strong anti-prying, anti-drilling and anti-destructive capabilities, and their safety performance has been certified by China, the United States and Germany. They are a good choice for the security of self-service card issuing machines.
Increase safety factor
What's more, we also increase  safety factor to the ordinary cam lock.
For example, the tubular cam lock adds anti-drilling steel balls, which has a stronger anti-theft effect; the dimple lock uses double rows of marbles to improve the safety factor. In short, we are working hard to provide sufficient security support for the self-service card issuing machine.
Recommended vending machine lock
In addition to cam locks, self-service card issuing machines can also try vending machine locks.We provide mechanical and electronic vending machine locks.
The mechanical lock has various styles and can be configured with different lock cylinders, which are safe and reliable.
The electronic lock adopts 5G/Bluetooth technology and is equipped with a master key system, which not only facilitates the management of self-service card issuing machines, but also realizes online monitoring and feedback of locks.
If you need, you can contact our sales staff. Our staff have expert knowledge and skills to help find the best self-service card issuing machine locks!