MAKE tubular push lock - a good helper for light box advertising

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As the saying goes, "If you have not used the advertising light box, you are not a businessman who can do business.". In public places such as subways, streets, airports and cinemas, various types of advertising light boxes have already become an important means of marketing and publicity for various businesses.With its strong visual impact and influence, it has brought huge benefits to advertisers, and the safety of advertising light boxes can not be ignored. 
As most advertising light boxes are outdoors and in public places, and the light boxes are full of light tube elements, priority should be given to the safety factor and durability of advertising light boxes.Therefore, it is a method to improve the safety factor of advertising light box by installing tubular push lock with high safety and quality.     Among the locks used in advertising light boxes, tubular push lock is a quite common lock. The structure is simple and only contains the lock cylinder components. It has no latch, and the lock hole is small, so it is not easy to be damaged and does not occupy too much space for the advertising light box during installation. 
As the advertising needs to be updated and replaced frequently, the lock also needs to be opened frequently. When the tubular push lock is used, it can be locked by simply pressing, and the operation is convenient; The lock release mode of horizontal pressing makes it more durable, which is very suitable for advertising light boxes.

In the maintenance and management of advertising light box, the master key and management system of tubular push lock are also a great advantage. 
MAKE tubular lock is equipped with a master key and a management system. There are tens of thousands of key combination. When the management personnel are managing and maintaining, they can manage and maintain the advertising light box with only one key, which is very convenient.

The above is about the tubular push lock commonly used in advertising light boxes. If you want to know more about tubular push locks, please keep following us!