Types of display cabinet lock

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In shopping center, stores and other places, we often see a variety of display cabinets. While these display cabinets are fascinating, a small accessory is playing a big role. It is display cabinet lock.

At present, the locks used for display cabinets are mainly traditional mechanical locks. Depending on the opening ways, there are suitable display cabinet lock types as follows:

cam lock
Cam lock is used more frequently in display cabinets. The cam lock we provided includes flat key lock, tubular lock, disc lock and other types. The lock cylinder has a high safety factor, which can effectively prevent various safety risks in the daily use of display cabinets.
 cam lock
With the escalation of security requirements in application scenarios, MAKE has developed a new type of high-security cam lock. 

The lock uses a safety structure "disc in disc". The key combination can reach 10 billion at most. With its innovative structure and ingenious design, it has won the patent of China, Germany and U.S.             

push lock
A lock that is horizontally locked by pressing. The push lock is generally small in size and delicate in appearance, which can improve the beauty of the display cabinet.
 push lock
The operation of push lock is convenient because it can be locked and opened by simply pressing. At the same time, it can quickly take out the products from the display cabinet when customers experience the products. In terms of usage scenarios, push locks are more suitable for push-pull display cabinets.

There are the types of display cabinet locks that MAKE offers. MAKE display cabinet lock can also be used as a universal system to achieve key separation and hierarchical management. The lock is easy to operate, safe and firm, and can establish an effective security line for the display cabinet!