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The game machine is making a comeback, driving the game machine locks to sell well all over the world.
In recent years, the corners of public places such as shopping malls, food courts, and movie theaters have been re-occupied by a group of colorful and cute machines. Yes, it is a game machine for men and women. The game machine, including the doll machine, has made a comeback as the memory of childhood. And this momentum suddenly stirred up the small heart of the game machine lock industry. Since then, locks for various game machines have sprung up. Nowadays, game machines have driven game machine locks to sell well all over the world.

Game machine locks
Taking the doll machine as an example, why does it come back to our eye and be crazily chased? After all, the most important thing is that the doll machine took advantage of the popularity of mobile payment, and completely removed the label of the original game hall. After decades of continuous exploration, the upgraded version of the game console has mastered the weaknesses and desires of human nature, and gradually developed into a "devil game machine" that people can't stop.

Game machine locks
When people are tired of shopping, the movie has not yet opened, and the availability of the restaurant seat is still far from certainty, people, especially the generation after 90s and 00s, will pick up the phone to scan the code or insert coins, and play the game console. If you recharge 10 yuan, you will get 5 chances to catch the doll. If you can catch the doll, you will be excited, and if you are not be able to catch it, you will achieve the purpose of entertainment and time killing. But the ingenuity of this type of game console is that "the doll is always on the edge", this design will make you feel the next time you can catch it, to achieve the effect of making consumers to double recharge money.

Game machine locks
When one grows up, he ore she still can't escape the game circle that his or her childhood can't escape. The American City Dictionary explains the doll machine: a machine that allows you to recharge your money repeatedly to watch the process of picking up and dropping toys, daily necessities, or even cell phones, and feel your own psychological changes. Just like the player is keen on the joystick of the game console, for operators, they are more interested in carefully selecting a "just right" game console lock, because a good game console lock can serve as their eyes for 24 hours to record the operation of the game console and protect it.
Based on the characteristics of people's curiosity, in addition to the doll machine, there have been game machines such as mysterious boxes and surprise gifts. They have become "online celebrity game machines". These items are generally relatively expensive, and as a result, operators have a higher demand for the security performance of game console locks.
So, how to identify the quality of the game console lock? First of all, look at the management system of its key. The key system not only determines the shape of the keyhole, but also determines the number of key teeth, that is, the mutual opening rate. MAKE Security Technology's game console lock MK100BS-11 has a tubular key system with over 10,000 key teeth and high security. Next, look at the material used to make the lock body and the key. The lock body and key of the game machine lock MK100BS-11 are made of high quality zinc alloy and the lock core is made of high quality copper. The surface is treated with nickel plating and bright chrome. It has the advantages of high precision, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Finally, look at the shape of the lock body and other accessories. The outer teeth of the game machine lock, MK100BS-11, is a long rod with anti-drill steel ball, long service life, which is conducive to the installation and replacement of the lock cylinder.
Game machine locks
The game console is constantly being updated, and the game console lock is also updated and iterated correspondingly. Regardless of whether the "Doll Machine" window is filled with candy, dolls or a mysterious box waiting to be revealed, as long as you grasp the "human weakness and desire", the game console and game console lock will develop for a long time.