Huge potential of China vending machine lock market

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From 2011 to 2018, the annual growth rate of China's vending machine industry market had remained at an average of 25 - 30%. Vending machine locks are invisible "gatekeepers" to vending machines, and the demand is doubling.
The domestic vending machine has now realized the development of multiple functions, far from the relatively early single function. The categories of products sold are quite different. Correspondingly, various vending machine locks have appeared on the market, including Japanese, American, high-end and low-end.
China vending machine lock
According to the sample data from domestic vending machine consumers, the consumers probably cover from 12-year-old to 72-year-old, and vending machines are set most widely in coastal areas. The great demand has brought out many lock factories.
In 2018, China's trading volume of unmanned retail transactions amounted to more than 30 billion yuan, and it will usher in a dividend period of its development in the next five years, bringing great potential to the vending machine lock market.
China vending machine lock
The market scale of China's vending machine locks is huge. The relationship between supply and demand is the main factor affecting market changes. Enterprises and investors should accurately predict the supply and demand situation of China vending machine lock market, and make timely and effective decisions, which is the key to success.