How to ensure the security of the Self-service terminal cash-box?

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Self-service terminals such as vending machines and self-service payment machines have been widely used in people's life and work, providing users with convenient  services. Cash-box as an important part of the self-service terminal, its security is largely from the cash-box lock, so how to choose the cash-box lock? Let’s  learn about it together .

The first is to choose quality clearance and high security cash-box lock. Currently, the vast majority of self-service terminal devices use traditional cash-box , and cash-box locks are mostly mechanical locks. MAKE has always attached great importance to the design and development of mechanical locks, and has invested a lot of research and development funds and advanced production equipment. It has a variety of high-security and good-looking cash-box locks such as cam locks and M4 patent locks.
MAKE M4 is a small mini cam lock with a minimum diameter of 10mm. Although this size can also be achieved in the current market, it can make up to 200 teeth. The number of M4 teeth can reach more than 40,000, and it can also be used as a master key management system, so the security performance is very high and  is widely used. This lock fills the gaps in the domestic small lock market and has obtained patent certifications in China, the United States and Germany.

Of course, since more portable cash-boxes are used on existing self-service terminals, it is not enough to just focus on the security of the cash-box lock. When installing a self-service terminal device, it is also necessary to install a surveillance camera around it to monitor it securely. Once a cash box theft event occurs, it can both perform alarm processing and quickly track the thief.

With the continuous progress of the society and the continuous improvement of the city's informatization level, it is believed that convenient and fast self-service terminal devices will be increasingly applied to people's daily lives. Cash-box lock is an important line of defense to protect the cash-box of self-service terminal equipment. It is very important to choose a lock with high performance and high security. MAKE will continue to increase R & D and investment in locks to provide our customers with more secure and high-quality cash-box locks