Will bank atms become obsolete in the era of mobile payment?

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In today's life, the constant popularization of mobile payment has made many people unknowingly develop the habit of going out without cash and only with mobile phones. I believe many people don't remember what they used to go to the ATM to withdraw money last time It's time. As the utilization rate of ATM is decreasing, there is a growing sound in the market that ATM will not be eliminated. So, Will bank atms become obsolete in the era of mobile payment?Does the safety of ATM machine locks need our attention?

In my opinion, although the traditional ATM machine scenery is no longer, it does not mean that the ATM machine will be eliminated. On the one hand, although mobile payment is becoming more and more popular, there are still some personal cash deposit and withdrawal services and business transactions that require us to go to ATM machine outlets in person. 
Secondly, in the context of current financial technology, many bank outlets have been developed in the direction of "intelligence" and "lightweighting". ATMs are becoming comprehensive intelligent transaction equipment that can complete more complex business transactions,such as pay utility bills, bus card recharge, train ticket sales, etc. Therefore, many bank outlets still need various types and full-featured ATMs.

Third, at present, some of the bank's customer groups, especially middle-aged and elderly customers, are keen on high-interest-rate deposits and wealth management products. However, because middle-aged and elderly people are not proficient in operating smartphones and their time is relatively free, they are also more inclined to personally went to the bank outlet to handle business.
Combining the above points, we find that ATM machines will continue to play a role in our daily life in the future. Although with the strengthening of security monitoring and the continuous upgrade of self-service equipment, the theft of ATMs is not uncommon.Therefore, as a line of defense to protect the safety of ATM machines, the quality and safety of ATM machine locks require our special attention. Next, I will recommend several locks suitable for ATM machines with high quality and high safety performance.

Common ATM machine locks such as the MAKE MK100B series, this series is made of zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel,the surface of the lock is processed by special processes such as bright chrome and bright nickel, and the surface is smooth and delicate, with a metallic texture;the lock can be equipped with anti-drilling steel balls according to customer needs, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged. 

In addition, the MK100B series has a universal key system, users can open different types of locks by managing keys, which is convenient for staff management. This series of locks are equipped with a total of 7 marbles or 10 marbles. The key teeth cost more than 10,000, which is higher than the configuration of the same type of locks in the industry.
If you have higher requirements for security, you can choose a patented lock with higher security performance. After years of exploration in the lock industry, Metco has independently developed new patented locks with high security performance, such as M3. M3 is a small high-security cam lock with 16 million teeth. Due to its high security performance, cost is close to ordinary locks, and high cost performance, it is more easily accepted by the market and has a wide range of applications. It is often used as ATM machine locks, Cash drawer lock, safe lock, etc.

With the rapid development of mobile payment, the popularity of traditional ATM machines is no longer, and it is replaced by bank smartphones that bring customers more convenient and faster service experience. The daily deposit and withdrawal tool ATM machine is easy to be ignored, so we need to pay more attention to the safety of the ATM machine. 
MAKE security locks are a good choice for guarding the security of ATM machines. Of course, besides ATM machines, MAKE locks can also be used in cash drawers, safes, vending machines and other self-service terminal equipment, to lock our daily security lines !