3 kinds of tablet Lock to protect the tablet, let thieves have no way to theft!

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In life, when we walk into the tablet PC store, we often see that the tablet PC are installed with "coats" one by one. This is due to the frequent visits of tablet PC shops, and it is difficult for merchants to take care of the security of every corner of the store, especially some larger computer malls, so many merchants will choose to install a protective cover with an anti-theft lock for their tablet.

Tablet PC is a commonly used device in our lives. Due to the high price of the tablet PC, people who have already purchased will more or less worry that their tablet PC will accidentally encounter a theft. Therefore, many people choose to install an anti-theft cover for it.
The anti-theft cover is composed of a protective cover and an anti-theft lock, which can make the tablet PC locked on the table like an ordinary laptop. While protecting the iPad from damage, it can also prevent theft. In order to enhance the security of your tablet, MAKE provides 3 kinds of tablet locks with high cost performance and high security, which can escort your tablet.
small cam lock
The first one is a classic small cam lock, which is called MK101BS. The lock body is small in size and equipped with a tubular key system for high security. When the key is inserted and rotated, the cam can rotate with it and can be locked or unlocked by rotating to a certain angle. The operation is simple and clear, and it is more convenient to use. 
small cam lock
If you are not satisfied with this small cam lock, you can also choose a patented lock with a higher level of security from MAKE, such as the mini cam lock M4
M4 is a mini cam lock, independently developed and designed by MAKE, with a minimum diameter of 10mm. Although this size can also be achieved in the current market, it can just make up to 200 key combination. The number of M4 key combination can reach more than 40,000, and it the master key management system is also available, so the security performance is very high and  is widely used. This lock has obtained patent certifications in China, the United States and Germany.

In addition to the cam lock, MAKE also has a push lock that is commonly used in anti-theft covers for tablet computers. The push lock is generally small in size, and takes up little space, so it looks quite aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with the tablet. In order to improve the security of the push lock, MAKE has equipped the push locks with a tubular key system and a disc key system, which are more secure.

The above are the three types of locks that MAKE provides for tablet PC anti-theft. If you need further information,or have any inquiry regarding tablet locks,then feel free to contact us.