What kinds of CAM Locks are used in the financial terminal industry?

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With the development of technology and financial industry, the intelligentization and self-service of financial terminals have become a trend, and the demand is increasing. Since financial terminals have extremely high requirements for security and reliability. As the "eye" of the security of the financial terminal, the choice of the lock used is very critical. So, what kinds of cam locks are used for financial terminal? 

According to the different key mechanism, the locks used in the financial terminal equipment mainly include the following types:
MAKE Patented lock M3
Flat cam lock, which is one of the locks commonly used in financial terminal equipment. However, due to the high security requirements of financial terminals for locks, based on this demand, MAKE independently developed and designed the high-security level and excellent anti-theft performance of the disc tumbler locks M1 and M3, which were welcomed by the market.

ATM cam lock
Tubular Cam Lock, The key structure is tubular mechanisam, and the opening of the lock is mainly controlled by the internal structure. The tubular cam lock produced by MAKE include 3 series. Each series contains a variety of specifications, 7 pins or 10 pins are available. The length of the bolt and the anti-drilling steel ball can be customized according to customer needs, which can effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

cam lock
Dimple Cam Lock,  The key structure is dimple mechanism, which has good safety performance. MAKE dimple cam lock is equipped with a high-security pin system, which has strong safety performance, smooth unlocking feel, convenient installation, and double-sided and three-sided pins to increase the safety factor.
With the popularization of intelligent technology, financial terminal equipment will be more and more widely used in our lives, bringing us more intelligent and humanized experience. In the future, MAKE will continue to explore the mystery of the cam lock and continue to innovate, bringing more high-end products and quality services to our customers and friends.