MAKE Vending Machine Lock-Escort for Unmanned retail!

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In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology and the increase in consumers’ demand for convenient shopping, unmanned retailing is gradually favored by consumers. As the earliest form of unmanned retail, vending machines have also been "reused" again, quickly occupying crowded places such as airports, subway stations, campuses, hospitals, factories, etc., not only selling everything, but also covering various consumer groups.

However, compared with consumers focusing on the instant user experience of vending machines, for the majority of operators, it is more desirable to equip vending machines with a safe and reliable lock. After all, only by having safe and reliable vending machine locks can they be more at ease.

Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. has extensive industry experience in the field of vending machine locks. As a professional provider of security solutions for vending machines, we produce a wide variety of types, including American, Japanese and European style vending machine locks. They are not only safe and reliable, but also have passed long-term market inspection,and well received by European and American markets.
vending machine locks   vending machine locks
The high-end locks MK213 and MK214, tailored for vending machines, incorporate Japanese-style design styles, which are as bright as mirrors and have a simple atmosphere. It can be configured with different structure lock cores according to the customer's safety level requirements, including a tubular structure, double dimple structure and a disc structure.

vending machine locks
MK200 is a novel and fashionable vending machine lock, with sharp edges and corners, special matte surface treatment, and no reflection. This lock has three kinds of T handle options: ordinary T handle, solid T handle and T handle with anti-drilling steel bar. It is convenient and safe, and the user-friendly design has been welcomed by our customers.

In the future, we will continuously improve the products, technologies and services of vending machine locks, and provide users with safer and more reliable vending machine locks to help the development of unmanned retail industry.