How to pick the high-quality lock for your cash-box?

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The cash box is one of the necessary configurations of the cash register, and its safety and importance are self-evident. At present, many cash-box of cash registers are equipped with a lock. One is to ensure the safety of the cash-box. Second, when some unexpected situation occurs, it is convenient for everyone to use the mechanical key to open the cash-box.

However , equipping the cash-box with a lock does not mean you can sleep without any anxiety.If the lock used in the cash-box is simple and has a low security level, to the thief, it will be very easy to pick up the object. In addition, if the locks used are of poor quality and short service life, it will also greatly affect our work .Therefore, it is imperative to equip the cash-box of the cash register with high-quality locks!

Customer demand is our pursuit. As a company that has been intensively engaged in the lock industry for more than ten years, we have always attached great importance to the design and development of high-quality cash-box locks, and has continuously increased investment in R&D funds and advanced production equipment. At present, we have a series of high-quality, high-security locks, such as patent locks ,dimple locks and other locks that can provide effective security for your cash register.

M3 is a lock that can be used for cash-box independently developed by MAKE. This is a simplified version of the disc tumbler lock, using the creative design with smart discs, and key combination reaches 16 million. It can be anti-theft, anti-drilling, anti-prying and has multi-security mechanism equipped with unique key which can not easily be replicated. The lock has obtained many international patents. Although it is a patented lock, its cost is close to that of an ordinary lock, so its cost performance is very high.

In addition to patented locks, we also have other high-quality locks, such as dimple and wafer locks, which can be widely used in cash boxes and lockers. MK104-30 is a cam lock that can be used for cash-box. This lock is designed with a master key system; the key is milled on both sides, both sides can be inserted and removed, and the unlocking experience is smooth; when the lock cylinder needs to be replaced, it can be replaced with a replaceable key,which is very convenient and fast.

The cash-box lock is an important line of defense to protect the cash box. It is important to choose a high-performance, high-security lock. However, locks are not safes after all, we must remind merchants at last that in addition to equipping cash-box with high-security locks, we must also pay attention to the security monitoring of their installation monitoring settings. Once the cash-box is stolen, we can call the police on time and can quickly track down the thief.