Kiosk is prevalent, and we ensure the safety of your equipme

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The continuous advancement of technology has brought about continuous changes in our lifestyle. One of the most popular systems is kiosk. Kiosk is an unattended, simple operation, convenient and fast human-computer interaction device. It mainly integrates various hardware and software devices and multimedia databases such as movies, pictures, texts, and music, which currently widely used and greatly facilitates people's travel and services. Among them, kiosk lock provides us with a great security guarantee.

However, if the kiosk locks used are not safe enough, then the safety of the kiosk will not be guaranteed. It will not only cause people who violate the law to take the opportunity, such as some kiosk that can store cash or valuable machines, which will cause harm to the safety of our property and is more likely to cause the leakage of user data privacy,that will brings inconvenience to our lives. Therefore, the safety of kiosk needs our special attention, and it is very necessary to use kiosk locks with higher security levels.

Currently, there are various types of locks used in kiosks ,ranging from product grades to security levels, which is dazzling and impossible to start. As an expert in the lock industry, we recommend two high-security kiosk locks for you.

kiosk lock
MAKE MK114B dimple lock series: This series is equipped with a high-security dimple system, which uses double-row pins to increase the safety factor. The key combination can reach more than 10,000, which has strong safety performance. The unlocking feels smooth and easy to install. The lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy material, and the surface of the lock is treated with special processes such as bright chrome and bright nickel.

MK101B tubular lock series: This series is equipped with a tubular key system, 7 pins or 10 pins available. Compared with the same type of locks in the industry, the configuration is higher and the security is guaranteed. The lock itself has a master key system, and different types of locks can be opened through the master key, which is very convenient to manage; in addition, you can also choose whether to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to your needs. The anti-drilling steel balls will more effectively prevent the lock from being damaged.

With the advancement of technology, kiosk is becoming more and more extensive in our lives. MAKE kiosk locks have various types, comprehensive coverage, and good security performance, which can fully meet your various needs. In addition to self-service equipment, it can also be widely used in electromechanical equipment, cabinets, vending machines and other equipment. If you are interested, you can go to the official website of MAKE for more information!